F Yeah Indie Folk

F Yeah Indie Folk

John Carrie and Moor Green - A Broken Toast

Spirit Family Reunion

I have some bad news.

I’ve been running this page for a while now but unfortunately I’ve decided to get rid of the submission tab on my page.  Although I really enjoy hearing new music from new bands, a lot of the people submitting aren’t following my simple request to add a video in their submission.  Since I run this page by myself I don’t have the time to go through every webpage that is sent to me, and the amount of submissions is flooding my inbox.  A lot of the submissions seem like copy and paste submissions from band managers, and at least half of the music submitted doesn’t even fit the genre of this page.  From now on, if any of you guys feel like you would like to submit a video, please send me a link to it in the ask box, (preferably from a website like youtube) and I will check it out.  If you are a band or singer/songwriter and your music fits with the theme of this page then I would be more than happy to promote you on here as long as you provide a video link to your song.  Anyway, thanks for following!

Hope you feel all right! Have a nice day! Unknown audience. Cheers


Thanks! You too.

Neil Young - Old Laughing Lady

Bright Eyes - Poison Oak

Brother and Bones - Gold and Silver

Matthew and the Atlas - To the North

Wood Brothers - Wasting my Mind

Bon Iver - Wash